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Although English is the language most used on the internet, it is the primary language of only about 28 percent of all web users. Chinese follows closely behind at a little over 23 percent, with eight other languages in the top 10 making up 84 percent of total internet users. Given these facts, it makes sense that if you want to broaden your business reach to increase online sales, you should internationalize your website to reach potential customers who don’t speak English.

Each international market added taps into hundreds of millions of potential consumers.

GrooveUI Advantage

  • Reduced implementation time.
  • Automated visitor language detection.
  • Real time updates.
  • Professional translation services.
  • Easy setup.
  • Full control.
  • Cost effective.

How it works?

Translating your website to multiple languages has never been easier.

Setup Website

You create your website in your default language. Add 'id' attribute to all the HTML elements in your website.

Translate Account

Setup your translate account and add your default language to it. Also, add your project specific javascript to your website.

New Language

Enable new languages and add text to your Translate account. Languages are instantly available on your website.

Client Based

Your website is automatically shown in correct language based on user's browser settings.


Great features you'll love.

Real Time

New languages and update to existing text are reflected in real time on your website, without compromising on performance.

No Code Change

After setup, no code change is required to add new languages or change existing text. No down time for your business website.

Client Specific Language

Translate automatically shows your website in correct language based on user's browser settings. No dependency on your server location.

Quick Turnaround.

Adding new languages is quick and easy. With Translate it takes hours instead of days. Control your website content. No need to go back to your development team.

Fully Hosted

Traslate is hosted at high performance Microsoft Azure network. No software installation is required by you. We offer on premise hosting for our Enterprise customers.

Data Privacy

You data is yours. We do not sell your data to any thirdparty. No identifiable information is collected about your website users. We might collect some performance data to improve our service.


Account Setup Service

No need to worry about integrating your website with Translate services. We are here to get you started. You can hire our technical experts to do initial setup of your website with Translate. Our technical team will make required modifications to your website and get it working with Translate. You only need to pay after you are satisfied. Also, your membership will start after your website integration is done. To know more, contact us at

Content Translation Service

Do you want to show your website in different languages, but do not have inhouse language expert? No need to look further. We have a pool of talented language experts that can translate your website from any language to other. So why let automated services like Google Translate miss represent your website content to potential clients. Hire our Website Translation Service to give correct information, verified by humans. To know more, contact us at

Our Pricing

Pick the best plan for you.

We have plans for all business needs. You can start with our Free account, it has all features with some restrictions on resource usage.



Per month

Billed Monthly.

  • 1 Project
  • 200 Requests/day
  • 1 User
  • Standard Support
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Per month

Billed Monthly.

  • 5 Project
  • 5,000 Requests/day
  • 10 Users
  • Priority Support
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Server License


Per Year

Billed Annually.

  • 10 Projects
  • 10,000 Requests/day
  • 25 Users
  • Priority Support
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Price On Demand

  • Per Server License
  • On Premise Deployment
  • Unlimited Projects
  • On Site Support
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Questions and Answers.

How does Translate work?

Translate identifies the language settings of user's browser and updates all the content of your website according to that setting. If a perticular language is not configured, your website is serverd in default language.

Does Translate auto convert my website text?

No. We believe content of your website is very important and should not be left to machines to generate. For each language you need to provide content translation. You can also use our translation service to have our Language experts translate your content.

Do I need to host my entire website at Translate servers?

No. Just add our script to your website and you are done. The script is smart enough to identify and convert your website in real time.

How safe is my data with Translate?

We have a very strict privacy policy. We do not share or sell your data to any thirdparty. Neither do we track your users or collect their identifiable information.

How do I add new language?

After initial setup, simple login to your Translate account and add new language. You will be prompted to add conversion of your default text. Once you have added translated text, you website will be able to use new language.

Can you host Translate at our inhouse data center?

Coupled with our Privacy policy and powerful hosting at Microsoft Azure cloud, we can provide service to most demanding of applications. But still if you want to deploy Translate at your own data center, we can do that. Check our plans.